Meet the Network

The Sustainable World Corporation is organized as a collaborative network consisting of independent local African entities and hubs as well as the Swedish hub. 

Congo (DRC)

Future Hope Africa

The focus in the DRC is on Business Training and MicroLoan Financing for businesses. Leadership  Development through mentoring and coaching builds a sustainable foundation for us to collaborate with. 

Ivory Coast

Omer | Fabienne
Mission Hermon

The Ivory Coast is one of the newer countries we have welcomed into our network. They currently focus on Entrepreneurship and Facilitative Leadership Development.


I Choose Life Afica

 The Jiinue Business Accelerator was established through a joint effort between SWC Sweden and Mike Mutungi. Since then many youth and women have been assisted in growing their businesses across Kenya


Manpan | Glory | Yahaya
SWC Nigeria

SWC Nigeria serves to identify certified companies with raw materials, services and products to foster business networking, international trade. They serve as a bridge for Business to Business and Business to Consumer relationships.  In collaboration with SWC Sweden, they have established a business incubator and they are currently focusing on Family Business development.

South Africa

Eddie | Charles | Adriana
SWC South Africa

The South African hub has a very strong focus on local and international Leadership Development through mentoring and coaching. Business development is also a key focus and together with SWC Sweden they are working on stable, affordable internet connectivity and various related digital services.

South Sudan

Newton | Lagu |Malish
SWC South Sudan

Under the simple slogan “Make business – not war”  SWC Sweden and Newton Waniba started their common vision of a partnership for solid and flourishing companies that will impact the development in the county positively. One such company focuses on Internet connectivity and related services.


Jenny | Nils | Sofia
SWC  Sweden

This is where it all started in 2014 and since then they focus on developing growth through win-win business development with the African Hubs – and beyond!  They do it all through exchange, exposure, close collaboration, partnerships and joint ventures. And of course, they host the annual Swdidh Winter Challenge in January each year. 


Beatrice | Peter | Friday | Susan
SWC Zambia

The SWC hub in Zambia has a strong focus on entrepreneurship development, leadership development and also agriculture; more specifically Avocado farming. They also look to develop the full avocado value chain.

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